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Sheriff of Allegheny County, PA TUESDAY July, 5 2022. CONDITIONS OF SALE All successful bidders shall pay ten percent (10%) of the bid in "CASH, CERTIFIED CHECK OR CASHIER'S CHECK MADE PAYABLE TO THE "SHERIFF OF WESTMORELAND COUNTY" when the property is called for bid, and the balance on or before JULY 15, 2022 (WHICH IS 10 DAYS FROM SALE DATE) at 11:00 A.M., at which time the property will be. Allegheny County Sheriff's Office Master Bid List Sale Date July 05, 2022 Show Address: True Show Completed: True Show Comments: True ... Sci Fa sur Tax Lien 013JUL22 Shaffer, Catherine 07/05/2022 POSTPONED 10/03/2022 10,969.94 2,857.44 Postponed until 10/3/2022Y Y Y 603 ELWAY AVE, , BUENA VISTA, PA 15018 Municipality: Elizabeth Twp..

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